Terms & Conditions

By using this website, you automatically agree to all of the stipulations that are included in this “Terms and Conditions” agreement. If, after reading this document, you find that you are unable to comply with all of its stipulations, then do not use this site. Once you proceed past the Homepage, you are obligated.

This website was created in order to acquaint the visitors with the possibilities of our program. We do not provide any private or public offers to the visitors of this website.

In order to become our Partner you have to register. To do it, fill in a registration form and confirm the information by clicking “Send the form” button in the end of this form.

By sending the form you agree to get news, messages, and promo materials via email or any other way, indicated in the registration form.


Under-Age Visitors

By accessing and using this website, you acknowledge that you are of legal age to participate in agreements and contracts and to become involved in any of the services offered or programs available on this website or through any of its affiliations.


Partner program

We offer you a unique form of partnership, which consists in increasing the traffic by using different technical and marketing tools.

In order to become our Partner you are ought to confirm you profile during the registration. To do it you should follow the link found in the email, which will be delivered once you fill out the registration form.

We save the right to terminate an agreement unilaterally with any of our Partners without notifying them beforehand. You can also finish your partnership by sending us a written request, which we will examine instantly.

In order to get a financial reward you can invite other Partners (further Referrals) to participate in our program. All the further information is in the “Rewards” section.


General restrictions

Working with us as a Partner you guarantee that you won’t use our materials or us illegally.

Thus you agree not to use knavish or artificial methods and traffic, generated with help of spam-mailing and unauthorized access to the personal data. Also you promise not to use technologies that generate fake orders and leads received using the brand traffic from the other websites.



For a successful participation in our program you can get a financial reward. To make it happen you should follow all the terms written in this agreement and send us all the information about paid orders you’ve got using our promo-materials.

If you do it, you can get a reward of 50-65% for the first order made by new clients, 20-30% for every order from the clients that have already paid for at least one order,  7% for every order from clients invited by your Referrals.

Note that we don’t pay the fee for the clients who have paid for the order from their credit store. It contains all the customer’s money that was left from the previous payments. Fee for this money is paid with the previous order.

Minimum payment you can request is $50.

You agree to take all the risks of participation in our program. We are not obliged to pay the rewards, but we do it whenever we think it’s necessary to give an incentive to your work.



All materials, screens, information, and visuals contained on the website belong to BestEduDeal.com and are protected by copyright law. You agree that you will not, under penalty of prosecution, reproduce, share or otherwise distribute any portion of the contents of this website, except as follows:

You may download and save or print the materials for your own personal, non-commercial use. Content is to be used for reference purposes only.

As soon as you become our partner we will send you all the necessary promo-materials for increasing the traffic. It includes different links, widgets, banners, Wordpress templates, etc.

Content may be shared with third parties for their personal, non-commercial use, provided you have properly cited the source and ownership of the contents.

You may link to content on these website pages from other Internet sources. However, if there is any attempt to present this site in an unlawful way or should you include a link for the purpose of insult, abuse, obscenity, or threat, you are in violation of this agreement and will face prosecution for breach of contract. Should your comments about this website be libelous, you will be prosecuted.

You are prohibited from downloading and placing any content from this website on any other Internet resource or in any place where electronic retrieval may be possible.

All the copyright is reserved and belongs to us with no possibility of being passed.

You can use all the promo-materials with our license. Any actions aimed to get a profit from our promo-materials or actions that are not specified in this agreement are prohibited. The license remains valid during 6 months since the Partner’s registration.

We can pay a reward for the orders or purchasing made using our promo-materials if only Partner’s actions don’t breach the agreement. All the information is given above.

In order to guarantee currency of our promo-materials, we have right to change such materials without notifying the Partners.

At the moment of termination of the partnership, the license for usage of promo-materials stops.


Links to Other Websites from Our Site

You will find links to other websites within the context of our content. You acknowledge and understand that we do not endorse any products or services of those third parties. Should you link to those sites from our website, our policies no longer apply and we are not responsible for any consequences as a result of your linking from our site.



BestEduDeal.com makes no warranties, either express or implied, regarding the content contained on its website, including information related to merchantability, fitness for any purpose, or for non-infringement. Nor do we warranty great effect from usage of the information or contents of our website.

BestEduDeal.com does not warranty that its site will be error-free nor that it will provide uninterrupted service. Further the company shall not be liable for any consequences arising from errors or interruptions of service.

The user bears full responsibility for ensuring the accuracy of the information and contents of the website or the reliability of any advice or opinions that are present in any of these contents. User is advised to see the advice of a third-party professional if s/he has any concerns about the information or content on the website.

We don’t take the responsibility for the cases in which you haven’t understood or remembered the conditions of this agreement, haven’t achieved the desired result, abused the services of our company or faced any difficulties while using it.

All the responsibility for fees and expenses made while using the program falls on you.

Current agreement makes no provision for cases of creating a new joint business between us and Partners or inviting them to a job. We have no rights to conclude any contracts on behalf of each other.


Liability Limitation

User agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the company and any of its affiliates for losses or damages or any other consequences as a result of any hardware or software malfunctions, telephone and other communication failures, delayed transmissions, or any other conditions which are beyond the control of the company, should such malfunctions and failures cause delays, disruptions or corruption of any products. Affiliates is here defined as the company, company employees, company officers and directors, agents, representatives, shareholders, subsidiaries, advertising and promotion agencies, and any third-party providers of content and information or data.

User further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the company and any of its affiliates against any lawsuit, claim, demand made by a third-party as a result of your use of our services, breach of this agreement, of your violation of any third-party rights. Such indemnification includes all legal fees and court costs.

At no time and under no circumstances shall the company be held liable for any damages or injuries to you or to any third party as a result of your use of this website or any of its contents. Some jurisdictions may not allow this exclusion, in which case, the liability limitation shall not apply to you.

We do not take responsibility for illegal or immoral usage of Partner Program. It means plagiarism, bringing of suits, discharges, loosing of status or financial reward, terminating of partnership or any other juridical or disciplinary consequences. You are responsible for all these consequences that have appeared as a result of illegal usage of the Program.


Fight against fraud

We aim to protect the interests of company and Partners, that’s why we take all the risks caused by the refunds. In order to make our cooperation mutually beneficial we have created a policy of fighting against fraud.

Thus we save the right to check the orders sent by Partners, without informing them about it. The authenticity of orders can be proved by order confirmation from the client and their identification. It can be achieved by the conversation with the client via phone or demonstration of certain documents to our managers.

We can postpone the moment of payment up to a month. It means that we won’t make the first payment earlier than in a month after getting your request.

We can block Partner’s profile anytime, if we notice the proof of fraud or causing damage to the company by the actions of Partner.

If we notice any illegal Partner’s actions, they will be informed about it via email or any other communication means. Partner may ask for the information about status of the order not requiring personal data. The support may not provide you with some sort of information, if there is a reason for it.


Amendments to These Terms and Conditions

The company reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time, without any notification to users. It is the user’s responsibility to periodically review this document for any changes that have been made.

Current agreement was updated on August 08, 2016