How does the referral program work?

7% of additional income from your referrals' profit. Percentage depends on number of customers you bring per month. Referral link is available in the promo-materials.

What partner plans do you offer?

Rewards start at 60%, Growing with the increase of new customers per month up to 75%. Moreover, you get additional income for the re-bills and referrals.

Do I need an invitation?

No. Our program is open for everybody and there's no invitations or entrance fees required.

Who is your target audience?

We work with the English speaking audience. These are the students from the USA, Canada, the UK and Australia, but the traffic itself may come from Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Germany, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates and China as well.

Am I eligible for White Label?

Due to the development expenses of a custom-designed website we only provide White Label to verified partners. If you bring 70+ new customers per month means you are eligible, please apply though customer support.

What's White Label?

We provide a fully functional custom website based on your domain along with qualified support, own phone number and branded customer account. This way customer has to make less steps to get to the order form and stays on a single website, which positively influences conversion rate and raises client trust.

How can I become your partner?

By registering on the website and signing an agreement, you become our partner.

How does your program work?

As our partner you bring (legitimate) traffic to the product website or to your White Label. Client makes and order, pays for it, after that a commission is being awarded, which depends on the number of new customers per month.