What's the report refresh rate?

Report shows data in real time, each refresh gets you the latest info.

What about refunds?

Refund rate is up to 0.8%. We cover all the refunds, but in case where illegitimacy of partner’s actions will be proven we keep the right to cancel the order and even block the partner's account.

What promo-materials do you provide?

Service levels and description,button, banners, HTML and WP templates, price calculators, order forms and other promo-materials are available in the account dashboard upon registration. Additional materials may be requested through support.

For how long do I get to receive profit from a customer?

Client on average makes 5 to 10 orders during 2-3 years, you will be getting profit for each of these orders.

For how long do you keep cookies?

We keep cookies for 90 days. During this time customer has a chance to make the first order, after what he will be assigned to you forever.