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By BestEduDeal - October 25, 2016 07:08Technical
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Amidst the high season, because new partners rising in numbers we’re getting whole lot of questions,  “where to get keywords?” and “which are the commercial ones?” With this post, we’ll try to answer all of these questions as detailed as possible, present you a free script and support all that with tips. Although this guide is written mostly for doorway generation, all webmasters can benefit from it. Here’s a short summary of what you’ll find in the post:

  • Keyword Harvesting
  • Sorting / cleaning
  • Harvesting from autocomplete
  • How to use

Keyword Harvesting

Your prime choice for preliminary research would be a well-known Keyword Planner - Google Adwords tool. But only for preliminary, as it doesn’t show queries with Search Volume lower than 10 uniques per month and frequently rounds off tasty mid-search-volume keywords.

With us, you can cut corners by asking a huge database of keywords simply by reaching us in Skype. The database has been put together from different sources, including Google Webmaster Tools (now Search Console) of our While Label sites. There’s another database of commercial-only keywords waiting for you in the promo materials section, that’s available upon sign up.

Sorting / cleaning

Although you may already know, we have to note this step, as it’s a part of the process - when gathering keywords from different sources you should remove duplicates (rolleyes). Be sure to look through for keywords that don’t belong to the niche that are irrelevant, pay close attention to ‘paper’ keywords as it may refer to many different things.

We also have a negative keywords list that we populated while gathering the huge keywords database. Feel free to claim it as well.

Harvesting from autocomplete

Here comes the best part, keywords that you collected (or we gave you) are available for everyone, used by everyone and making it to the top with a doorway is close to impossible. Even if you use all keywords, you won’t get enough orders to cover the expenses. That’s where autocomplete comes into play, as they actually are keywords, all from no-search-volume to high-search-volume keywords. You can scrap them not only from the almighty Google, use whatever source you may find, for the most common look here

There’s plenty of online services like that, for example,, although it’s not made for bulk keywords upload. To save you time, we are giving you a script that’s completely automated, absolutely for free. Let us know you want it and we’ll send it to you.

How to use

Depending on the doorway type you are building, you can use autocomplete keywords as h2 headers or just blend into text. We recommend to make a separate page for each keyword and to use harvested autocomplete keywords in the text. This way you will preserve topical relevance, escape keyword overuse and prolong your doorway’s life.