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By BestEduDeal.com - March 01, 2016 08:00General
Grow your profit with us


Hey, everybody! We are new company that helps webmasters earn money by converting student traffic into money, yet we aren't new in working with clients. At first sight, there’s nothing special about us. But, nevertheless, we have distinctive features, which I want to tell you about. These will make the partnership with us much more beneficial for you.


In your personal office, you’ll have an access to all of the information about your income from websites, forums and referrals in the form of graphs and tables. What is more, you can easily export this data in XLSX or CSV formats. All of the necessary statistics for the traffic control and optimization of the work are gathered here too. On the dashboard, you’ll find the transaction history as well. You can also request payment here with a couple of clicks.

We’ve been working in the essay writing industry for a long time, and that’s why our work is well regulated. It helps to receive the best efficiency without excessive efforts. We have a high level of conversion, which continues to increase, and a huge customer retention rate. Moreover, we work in a format of RevShare, which guarantees a passive income from every client. Also, we don’t charge for refunds. We cover all of the losses, because we appreciate the work of our partners.

The High level of usability and instant access to all the information make our partnership program more attractive and comfortable to work with. Having become our partner, you’ll get a lot of unique marketing tools, sush as:

  • Banners
  • Buttons
  • Calculators (they bring the highest conversion)
  • Different templates and themes (WP, HTML)
  • Sorted Keywords list
  • Discount codes generator
  • Etc.

Thus, for example, we have an  Affiliate Link Cloaker which will make your work easier and save your time. Just enter the desired URL and select the redirect type to download a file you can link to within your site as an inner page. You can also add discount codes on the websites to attract more customers and order forms in iFrame to increase conversions.

We are always ready to help and to explain how to use the promo-materials properly and to organize your work in order to get the best results possible.

Support Department

We understand that an indispensable condition for success is constant development. That’s why we provide our partners with all types of useful information, articles and tips from experts in SEO. All of them are available in the personal office and updated regularly.

Apart from that, we provide quality support to make our partnership more effective and pleasant. If you have any doubts or need additional information, feel free to contact our account manager. Our specialists are available 24/7 via phone, skype and live chat. We also take care of all the technical nuances and constantly improve our program so that it’ll be better than the rest.

What now?

Most people believe that essay writing services depend on the seasonal prevalence and that the summer never brings profit. In fact, there are a lot of orders all year round. With the increasing popularity of online courses, which are held mostly during vacations, a lot of students place orders during the summer months. Join us right now, and you’ll be right in time for the orders’ peak. Most of students put off their term papers and dissertations until the last minute and then realize that they had overrated their abilities and can’t write a good paper in a couple of days. That’s when we come to help. Lengthy essays and papers and a lack of time for writing lead to an increase in order prices and therefore your profit. Beneficial conditions and high quality of work turn customers into constant clients, who always return to make another order, including the summer period. Become our partner now and get an all-year-round conversion and constant orders from the attracted customers, unlike other partner programs, that focus mostly on autumn and spring.